Monday, December 6

Red velvet

The month of September and October was a busy box making time for me, meeting datelines and conducting box making classes.

It makes me smile of happiness, when my friends call me up, telling me that they are progressing with their box making projects.

After all that, I reward myself with this beautiful velvet round box.

With Khaled's help, cutting the board, I manage to make this round box.

Box measures 24 cm in diameter, 9 cm in height. I added floral tapestry and velvet ribbon to make it more attractive.

Love it, and now I'm inspired to do more. More interesting shape boxes ..... in mind.


  1. cantik cantik both bag & box. don't 4get what is due to me ya....tak boleh bagi tau nanti semua org nak! :))

  2. Canteaksssss sangat ..nasib baik tak terbawa balik tadi