Thursday, June 25

Latest Addition

Another version of this big bag,... this time it is make of the velvety denim blue. Here I used tan colored leather,....hardwares of brass and gold.

Bag can open up really big by adjusting the pull strap. Extremely spacious for Lin,... who likes to carry everything,..... everywhere.

I've just completed this bag. This time I experimented with a more feminine and sweet shape. This is my prototype,... it was made with lots of little adjustment here and there. It turn out ok and the overall look is not bad. I'm excited and can't wait to try with different material.

The interior is relatively easier to make after I was done with the patterns. Bag is equipped with a full zip closure for better security. It opens up to a very spacious inside complete with a zipped pocket and a h/phone slot. A little adjustment to be made on the strap,... but I'll work that out on the next one.

Omar, my husband gave this bag to a visiting aunt from Satun, Thailand. He is always so proud of me and excited of my completed projects (that he likes to tell the world).
This aunt, Mak Nah is the youngest sister of my late father in-law. It's been so long since I visited that side of the family. InsyaAllah Omar will take us there this coming Syawal
I'm happy that my bag is going back with her,... so when she's carrying it around she'll think of me and Omar.

Tuesday, June 23

rest and relax

Last Friday, Alia decided to come home for the weekend to celebrate father's day with us. .As any mom would be, I was delighted. But our plan did not materialized 'coz papa have to work,.... ( a brain storming session) Holiday Inn, Batu Feringhi. So, on Saturday,.. our plan was to go the hotel,..... Layla can use the swimming pool and we can picnic by the beach.

We bought some fruits to take along. It's fruits season now ,....durian, mangosteen, rambutans and
many more,.......Here I am with Ayu, Alia's friend from Shah Alam, at Batu Lanchang market.

My Layla, chilling out on a hot day in the pool. Not a good swimmer but getting close to
it. She's 10 years old yesterday.

My 3 lovely girls having lunch by the beach. Ohh.... how they have grown,..... Alia, Jasmine and Layla. Almost too fast. Alia already working, Jasmine in form 2, Layla is 10. How I miss them being babies.

Oh well anyway
, ... the sound of the wave and the caressing wind almost make me sleep, but the beautiful scenario was too good to miss.There I was cutting some pieces for a new project and Alia was making a friendship bands.

We planned to stay till late, but it was getting boring 'coz papa could not join us. Then we thought we could do much more at home, so we kiss papa goodbye and home we go.

Saturday, June 20

Indian inspired

This lovely bag was created when I was into embroidery. My craze at this moment was Indian inspired motifs. I just love the fluid lines and the interpretation of flora.

I used raw Indian silk,... of turmeric yellow. The embroidery are just simple lines done with darning stitches, whipped running stitch, outline stitch, french knots and a few self invented stitches. They are done in different thickness of azure blue and beige.

Here,....the rattan handle is wrapped with embroidery thread with colors that complement and enhances the total look. Tie-bow closure contributes a less formal appearance.

I wear this bag with anything from 'baju kurung' to jeans.

Bag measures 18" L x 9 1/2" H

Quite spacious to house everything including Layla's nintendo d. s occasionally.

..... another version of the same pattern but with old English tapestry
Colors on handle are picked from colors on tapestry.

Monday, June 8

square in a square

at last..... this quilt is finish.
I have been too busy with other things that I have abandon this quilt for quite long time
Again here,...... Alia help me with the quilting,..... along the border.

Hand quilted 1/2" intervals into the square.
Circular lines with 3/4'' intervals on the border that meet
into a 3/4 circle at the corners.
Finish off with 1 1/8" b
inding of mustard fabric.

Just love the surprising results of working with remnants. Colors are vibrant and alive.

This quilt hold many memories of the girls growing up. The remnants are collected through out the time when I was sewing dresses for my Jasmine,Layla and grand nieces.