Monday, June 8

square in a square

at last..... this quilt is finish.
I have been too busy with other things that I have abandon this quilt for quite long time
Again here,...... Alia help me with the quilting,..... along the border.

Hand quilted 1/2" intervals into the square.
Circular lines with 3/4'' intervals on the border that meet
into a 3/4 circle at the corners.
Finish off with 1 1/8" b
inding of mustard fabric.

Just love the surprising results of working with remnants. Colors are vibrant and alive.

This quilt hold many memories of the girls growing up. The remnants are collected through out the time when I was sewing dresses for my Jasmine,Layla and grand nieces.



  1. Hanim, gorgeous piece of quilt!

    KakDee right now working on one.... I can't do much now on hand-quilt cos my girl can't wait to own it....

    Congratulations Hanim! Like to see more.

  2. Dear Diah,.. thank you. Afraid, I won't be making quilt at this moment. I'm backlog with bags request.

    Gotta speed up, gotta join the quilt making wagon.