Sunday, April 17

Ayu...some more.

Last week I was busy with these. I managed to have them completed as planned.

Just love to look at them.

Cool blue Ayu.

Warm and classic Ayu.

Just simply Ayu.

Thursday, April 14

Fav 2011

I have promised myself to produce as many as possible for my trip back to Shah Alam in June. Until last week I only manage to have these done. I decided to make Fav in patchwork fabric and a beautiful pink material.

First time when I saw this fabric I already knew the bag that I want to make. I can only imagine it, in the elegant silhouette of Fav. This time I accompanied the bag with matching notebooks.

Made these book myself the way that I want, so that they can fit the covers that I've made.

All 3 Fav in a row.