Wednesday, November 25


Been wanting so long to make this bag,...well at last it's done. Still the outcome is not like what I expected. Need lots of restructuring to improve the total look. The fabric treatment need to change, however the leather trimmings and base is satisfying.

Here, my lovely Jasmine, modelling the bag in a sling manner. Bag look a little bit large on this petite model.

Here, the bag is worn cross-body.

Bag measure - 12''L x 5" W x 14 1/2" H.
Leather trimmings are of coffee and grey suede.
Base is full grey suede leather.

Zips at the side, enables the bag to convert.
You can wear it deep or shallow.

When fold out, reveal the quilted lining (grey cotton contribution from Aida). Quilting design, something I pick up from the Vistana gatherings.

Looking forward to make the improved version, or maybe it'll be a little while longer. I'm already thinking of making a new design. Will post it as soon as I get it done.

Monday, November 16

Bag Handles

I manage to prepare some handles for bag crafters.
These are basic handles,...easily attached to your bag. Will definitely enhances your lovely bags.

Dark moss green nubuck leather with antique oval ring.
Strap length - 20"
price - rm. 61.80

Blue suede leather with antique oval ring.
Strap length - 20"
price - rm. 61.80

Woven cotton with orange leather trimmings.
Strap ends are 1 1/2" wide.
Strap length - 21 1/2"
price - rm. 46.60

Woven cotton with red leather trimmings.
Strap ends are 1 1/2" wide.
Strap length - 25 1/2"
price - 46.60

Woven cotton with yellow leather trimmings. Strap length is 21 1/2",... when attached to the bag,
strap drop will be about 8".
price - rm 46.60

Price above not including postage.
Interested? Pls e-mail me.

Alia's bag.

Alia requested some bold colors for her bag, I manage to put together this combination.
Still the quilting is as simple as possible,.. just straight lines.
Leather is of dark coffee color. Hardwares are of brass and the sling strap is of 1 1/2" cotton woven strap.

Darling, I hope you'll enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 4

Quilted Bag

Hi!!! At last,.. after a really long break from bloging, I am happy to post this new collection.
Been wanting to try a messenger bag, I think I am successful with this one.

4" x4" patchwork of soft colors quilted vertically with 1/2" intervals. Chose to quilt this way to speed up and the simplicity makes the bag pleasant to look at, considering the many component sewn together.

Lining is of green cotton completed with a zip-up pocket, open pocket and a h/phone slot.

Bag base is of coffee brown leather. Leather base contributes to hold the shape and durability.
All round leather trimming outlined the whole bag and envelopes the multicolored surfaces.
Long strap of woven cotton enables bag to be worn sling or cross body.

Now the bag belongs to Qila. Hope you enjoy it sayang.

Quilted top on my favourite Fav pattern.
Colors here are soft and earthly.
I use blue suede leather for the base to liven up the the patchwork body.
Quilting are vertical 1/2" intervals.
Shoulder strap and top trimmings are of coffee colord leather.

Quilted Fav modeled by Alia.