Wednesday, November 25


Been wanting so long to make this bag,...well at last it's done. Still the outcome is not like what I expected. Need lots of restructuring to improve the total look. The fabric treatment need to change, however the leather trimmings and base is satisfying.

Here, my lovely Jasmine, modelling the bag in a sling manner. Bag look a little bit large on this petite model.

Here, the bag is worn cross-body.

Bag measure - 12''L x 5" W x 14 1/2" H.
Leather trimmings are of coffee and grey suede.
Base is full grey suede leather.

Zips at the side, enables the bag to convert.
You can wear it deep or shallow.

When fold out, reveal the quilted lining (grey cotton contribution from Aida). Quilting design, something I pick up from the Vistana gatherings.

Looking forward to make the improved version, or maybe it'll be a little while longer. I'm already thinking of making a new design. Will post it as soon as I get it done.


  1. Hanim, I am always speechless to see the art in you... You are so good with leather.. and each bag you touched turns out amazingly beautiful in its own way....Love to see more dear...!
    Love the straps posted previously but I was blank in how to fix them to fabrics?

  2. Diah,...thank you so much. That's just basic leather work. Will improve. Definitely there'll be more creation . Your comments are inspiring and lovely.

  3. whooaaa... i already completed d bag yeah... cantik sangat2.. i thnk your mmg lain from d rest laa, coz u add leather as one of d elements. gud job !

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  5. Assalamu'alaikum Hanim...Leena di sini...yang pegi your house malam malam tu with the other gang during the last quilters retreat.. hehehe

    Nice to read your posting of the can see finished product. Very nicely done. I laikkkkkk.....Dah ada takers dah...? tentu jadik rebutan your family.... :) or this one not for sale... I am still in love with your black and white bag....hi hi hi

  6. Awesome bags. I love love love love your two new additions. Will use them proudly :D

  7. Azie, thanks. memang best to be able to work with leather. Alhamdulillah.

    Leena, of course I remember you, the tallest lady. Thanks. This beg now belongs to Alia.