Friday, May 22

more big bags

made 2 more recently.... same design as the previous.
one exactly the same, next.... with a different material.
denim like velvet with
pale blue woven floral motif.
leather is tan color.

inside lining..... mint green with floral print. inside....... consists of a handy pocket, h/phone compartment and a zip closure pocket.

leather label sewn inside

this lining belongs to
the blue bag.
color.... off-white base
with cream daisies.

Wednesday, May 20

chocs in box

This beautiful box was made in 2008. A friend request a 'hantaran' for her sister in-law. I made her these


Box was filled with forrero and a bouquet of silk and satin tiny roses.

Simple..... yet very impressive.

Sunday, May 17

silk pom-poms

This is one of my earliest creation. Material is of Thai and Indian silk. I like to work with remnants....., coz the end result is always surprising.
When I did this bag I have no supply of leather or any hardware, so
the strap and closure was made of Indian silk.
This bag was given to a friend.

This bag was completed with the help from my darling daughter Alia.
For this bag, we decided to arrange the colors accordingly.Th
e effect is more neat and proper. I like to carry this bag with baju kurung.

Now I have change the strap with suede leather handle, but I still maintain the closure.... tie-knot of black Thai silk.

Comprises of 140 pom-poms
Measures....... 9"x 3 3/4" x 9"

This bag was also made of silk remnants. I like the effect of the random arrangement of colors. It gives a more casual look. This one goes with anything, I like to wear it with jeans and t-shirt.

Comprises of 212 colorful pom-poms.
Measures... 13" x 4" x 9 1/2".

I have upgraded it with bi-color leather strap. The closure is now leather strap with magnetic clasp. Inside lining consists of h/phone and handy pocket, also a zip-up pocket for better organizing.