Sunday, May 17

silk pom-poms

This is one of my earliest creation. Material is of Thai and Indian silk. I like to work with remnants....., coz the end result is always surprising.
When I did this bag I have no supply of leather or any hardware, so
the strap and closure was made of Indian silk.
This bag was given to a friend.

This bag was completed with the help from my darling daughter Alia.
For this bag, we decided to arrange the colors accordingly.Th
e effect is more neat and proper. I like to carry this bag with baju kurung.

Now I have change the strap with suede leather handle, but I still maintain the closure.... tie-knot of black Thai silk.

Comprises of 140 pom-poms
Measures....... 9"x 3 3/4" x 9"

This bag was also made of silk remnants. I like the effect of the random arrangement of colors. It gives a more casual look. This one goes with anything, I like to wear it with jeans and t-shirt.

Comprises of 212 colorful pom-poms.
Measures... 13" x 4" x 9 1/2".

I have upgraded it with bi-color leather strap. The closure is now leather strap with magnetic clasp. Inside lining consists of h/phone and handy pocket, also a zip-up pocket for better organizing.


  1. aida... yang dua ni moknem dah pakai,...lagi pun ada sentimental value sebab alia tolong buat,.. masa dia tunggu result spm dulu. sorrylah. aidakan boleh buat pom-poms tu and moknem boleh supply leather handle.

  2. ala moknem..i kacau u jer...i was there when u make these bags kannnn...hehehe