Saturday, March 21

Banana paper

My latest project.......

These beautiful papers are
handmade out of banana stem pulp.They are being produced in Kg. Perlis in Penang.

Boxes - 25.5 cm x 25.5 cm x 9 cm
Clad with banana paper.A strip of batek, sewn onto the paper .... just to have that Made in M'sia touch.
'Going Bananas' A lesson in sustainability, a book compiled by usm ,gift wrap in the box.

Boxes wrapped and ready to be delivered.
Another product by Brown Garden Dream.

Tuesday, March 17

Colorful pom-poms

Colorful pom-poms of thai silk sewn together to become this beautiful bag. I would like to thank Alia for her time and patience helping me out. It took quite a while, but at last it's completed. I hope it will give joy and pleasure to the one who's going to receive this creation.

Sunday, March 15

New Bags

just completed these 3 bags