Tuesday, May 18

Aida - a pop of color

I'm really happy and excited to share my latest project.
Last week I posted prototype Aida,...after some modification I finally manage to produce Aida in 4 solid color.

I've made 2 different length for the sling strap, the shorter length is just nice for a petite lady like myself. The longer strap measuring 48" and the shorter strap is 39"

Dark brown Aida

Blue Aida,...already booked.

Red Aida

Green Aida,...my favourite.

The corners of the flap is slightly straight and sharper compared to the prototype.

The top side is folded and being held by 1 1/4" round loop,...which also hold the sling strap.
Here I used p.u piping along the seam,...had some difficulties sewing it initially,... but got the problem solved and I am very happy with the result.

The hand handle is being held by a strap sewn along the top of the flap,..secured with 9mm antique rivets.

Dark brown/green paisley print lining for green and red Aida.

Dark brown/blue print for brown and blue Aida.

Pretty Aidas in a row.

Friday, May 14


A new design that I managed to complete last week. This bag was inspired while on a trip back to K.L. Managed to spend some quality time with Kak Noy and family, Jam and Aida.
Driving back to Penang, I was thinking to name this bag Aida, to remind me of the wonderful time I had.

The red canvas that I used here,...have that linen look, hence it gives a casual smart appearance.
The closure is a twist lock on dark brown leather trimming. The patterns of this bag is the same as Fav,..but here,.. I sew in piping in the seam. The piping gives a more defined a structured body.

I like the idea of multiple handles in Ayu,..so I made Aida with 2 functional handles.
This short hand handle is double fold 3/4" witdth, trimmed with brass hardwares.

Close-up of the twist lock closure on the bag flap.

As all my other bags,..this bag interior have a zip pocket, an open and a mobile pocket.

A long sling leather strap,.. 1" width.
I am really happy with the outcome of Aida,...but still there are some modification to be made . There will be changes on the flap outline shape and the hand handle.

Already 50% done , now in the process of preparing the straps. Will post them on the blog when they're ready.