Friday, May 14


A new design that I managed to complete last week. This bag was inspired while on a trip back to K.L. Managed to spend some quality time with Kak Noy and family, Jam and Aida.
Driving back to Penang, I was thinking to name this bag Aida, to remind me of the wonderful time I had.

The red canvas that I used here,...have that linen look, hence it gives a casual smart appearance.
The closure is a twist lock on dark brown leather trimming. The patterns of this bag is the same as Fav,..but here,.. I sew in piping in the seam. The piping gives a more defined a structured body.

I like the idea of multiple handles in Ayu, I made Aida with 2 functional handles.
This short hand handle is double fold 3/4" witdth, trimmed with brass hardwares.

Close-up of the twist lock closure on the bag flap.

As all my other bags,..this bag interior have a zip pocket, an open and a mobile pocket.

A long sling leather strap,.. 1" width.
I am really happy with the outcome of Aida,...but still there are some modification to be made . There will be changes on the flap outline shape and the hand handle.

Already 50% done , now in the process of preparing the straps. Will post them on the blog when they're ready.


  1. secantik nama nya....hahahah

  2. i dah tengok! i dah tengok...mmg very LAWA! mmg amazing hanim

  3. Thank you Diah, Aida and K.T., siapa pun boleh try buat. Will finish the new modified ones and then I 'll make more out of printed materials

  4. ..another fantastic handmade bag yg membikinku angau d kala bulan mengambang!
    hahaha :)...but so sad,coz semuanya dah ada penama...:(