Friday, April 23

Dark Chocolate Ayu

This dark chocolate Ayu is for a friend,...and anyway I need an excuse to play around with this material. Previously I've made Ayu with similar material but of different color combination. Somehow this Ayu,.... reminds me of dark moist chocolate,......yum yum yummy.

Siti's reason to have Ayu in this dark color is because she wants easy maintenance. Tak cepat kotor.

For this Ayu I left out the long sling strap as requested by Siti. Simple and smart for her. Less fussy.

Full leather base for easy maintenance and durability.

Will come out with more exciting designs,
just wait and see......


  1. cantik kak anim exclusive nyerr....

    sekali pandang cam beg coach :) nice

  2. ehem ehem, me got oneee. best nye. i'm loving it! I've linked to in blog.

  3. i mean...i've linked u in my blog...sorry typo error kat atas tu

  4. Thanks Pah,..dua kali pandang rupa-rupanye browngardendream. :)

    K.T,... I'm glad you really enjoy your Ayu.

  5. very nice bag!
    boleh bagitau detail info and the price?
    thank you..

  6. I tot it's not possible to fall in love a 2nd wrong was I!

    My first love is the hobo there's this new one..and the first one is still something just to dream about.

    Good works, Hanim. I love this chocolate thing! Hmmm..must get some chocolates to console myself...

  7. Kak Hanim,
    Hmmm... mesin jahit jenis apa ye, yang boleh jahit beg cantik macam ni, leather pun boleh?

  8. Yati,...mesin jahit yang saya guna adalah mesin jahit singer model lama sangat. Untuk jahit kulit pula, saya guna mesin jahit Yakumo,..memang khas untuk jahit bahan yang tebal.

  9. love it...GORGEOUS...lost for words..hahaha it seems thats the only word i know in describing your lovely creations..

    how're the kids?


  10. WOW!...great masterpiece mak onem!...

  11. hanim, i like it very much...! maklum la pro yg buat hehehe

  12. Kak Hanim,
    thanks for the info tentang nama mesin jahit tu.
    Yati dah take noted, sebab plan nak beli mesin jahit yang bagus dan tahan lama, bila ada rezeki nanti. :)
    Btw, cantik la keempat-empat Aida tu..!