Saturday, April 25

big bags

Feel like making new bags and this time the design direction was focused more on creating a utility bag. The visual language gives a relax, casual yet appropriate for business use.. Bags was made of beautiful upholstery tapestry. Shoulder handle are made of nubuk and suede leather. Handle design is totally new and original. Hardwares are of semi-antique and gold finished.


  1. Salam Hanim, you have done a very good handbags indeed!

  2. Salam Hanim...cantik dan lawa2 handbag you. Dapat supply untuk begs accesories ni kat mane?

  3. DiahRothman

    Thank you, I've done quite a lot and most of them are sold.


    I got my supply from all over. Mostly from leather and hardware supply for shoe making.


    Thank you. These collection are sold. making a similar one for Chah

  4. Dah siap ke belum bag I tu Mak Onem. Tak sabar lah...

  5. Hai hanim...nanti saya nak oder some of bags making materials boleh ke?uplod le gambar2 untuk bag making ni hehehe

  6. hi hanim.. oo ni la moknem yg selalu disebut2 oleh kak aide ye.... or pah nak panggil kak nim. :)

    memang cantik beg tu... setuju ngan via... nak jugak tau... kat hardware kat mana ? kl ke?

  7. Sharifah... panggil hanim saje pun boleh.
    I lah moknem to dozens of lovely nieces and nephews.

    Yes,... I got my stuff in kl,... petaling street, cheras, and now in penang.

    Via,.. I'll try to fulfill your request.