Thursday, December 10

Brown Messenger

Made this shades of brown bag for Chah.
Simple rectangular patches with straight quilting lines. Just couldn't make myself try any other quilting design. Maybe I will do it to the next project. Already have an idea of another quilted bag. When? Don't know yet.

This bag is of the same pattern with the previous messenger bag, except this one have a full leather strap.
Will take it to K.L this week end. Finally Chah will get her bag.


This tote bag is a sample for a class that I'm conducting in K.L. next week.
It is made of thick upholstery with flat leather handles. Nothing fancy but the outcome is
smart and pleasing.
I've been busy preparing notes and materials for the class. Still have a little more to do, but I'm managing pretty well with Jasmine's help with the computer.

In the middle of this business, I'm also finishing a new bag for my trip. Something that I've putting on hold for a while. Will post it once finished.


  1. Hanim, what a great news... conducting classes. I always wanted to ask you that! See next year... if I can possibly get hold of you, I would love to attend your class. Any chances!

  2. Dear Diah, sure, we can work out something. Love to hang out with you.

  3. Mak Onem

    Just wondering bilala agaknya that "finally" comes to me....