Friday, December 11


Finally!! I got it done.

This my new handbag, to replace Fav that I have been carrying everywhere.
Draw-string is one design that I've been wanting to do. Very happy with this one but little adjustments to be made.

Here, I used beige leather for the base, side strap, shoulder strap,draw-string and binding.

I'm not to excited with the color and Jasmine said it look sad and dull. Well,...... this my prototype, with new adjustments and fantastic material (already in mind) I'm sure it's going to be good.

Many draw-string design that I can imagine, but I'll stick with this one for a while. I'll just play with colors and proportion.

Bag is 17" L x 12" H x 5" W.
Quite spacious.
Shoulder strap drop 11".


  1. whoaa.. this is nice, i love drawstring too...

  2. As always it flows out from your creative fingers, Hanim. Simply lovely, I love it too!

  3. Thanks Azie, will make more insya Allah.

    Thanks Diah, can't wait to produce more with exciting materials.