Saturday, June 20

Indian inspired

This lovely bag was created when I was into embroidery. My craze at this moment was Indian inspired motifs. I just love the fluid lines and the interpretation of flora.

I used raw Indian silk,... of turmeric yellow. The embroidery are just simple lines done with darning stitches, whipped running stitch, outline stitch, french knots and a few self invented stitches. They are done in different thickness of azure blue and beige.

Here,....the rattan handle is wrapped with embroidery thread with colors that complement and enhances the total look. Tie-bow closure contributes a less formal appearance.

I wear this bag with anything from 'baju kurung' to jeans.

Bag measures 18" L x 9 1/2" H

Quite spacious to house everything including Layla's nintendo d. s occasionally.

..... another version of the same pattern but with old English tapestry
Colors on handle are picked from colors on tapestry.


  1. can i have one please.....please....

  2. makonem..i nak post my bg also...heheheh