Tuesday, June 23

rest and relax

Last Friday, Alia decided to come home for the weekend to celebrate father's day with us. .As any mom would be, I was delighted. But our plan did not materialized 'coz papa have to work,.... ( a brain storming session) ...at Holiday Inn, Batu Feringhi. So, on Saturday,.. our plan was to go the hotel,..... Layla can use the swimming pool and we can picnic by the beach.

We bought some fruits to take along. It's fruits season now ,....durian, mangosteen, rambutans and
many more,.......Here I am with Ayu, Alia's friend from Shah Alam, at Batu Lanchang market.

My Layla, chilling out on a hot day in the pool. Not a good swimmer but getting close to
it. She's 10 years old yesterday.

My 3 lovely girls having lunch by the beach. Ohh.... how they have grown,..... Alia, Jasmine and Layla. Almost too fast. Alia already working, Jasmine in form 2, Layla is 10. How I miss them being babies.

Oh well anyway
, ... the sound of the wave and the caressing wind almost make me sleep, but the beautiful scenario was too good to miss.There I was cutting some pieces for a new project and Alia was making a friendship bands.

We planned to stay till late, but it was getting boring 'coz papa could not join us. Then we thought we could do much more at home, so we kiss papa goodbye and home we go.


  1. wow...best nya buah dorian...

  2. Jay.i, silalah datang bila senang. Memang banyak durian, macam macam gred ada. emmmm......sedap!!