Thursday, December 16


Alia needed a big bag for everything so we decided on this design. Simple, no fuss and lots of space inside. Currently studying, Alia needs to carry lots of stuff in and out,....and this bag will do the job just fine.

The shoulder straps and trimmings are dark brown leather. Bag closes with a 5mm. zipper and a broad leather strap with a magnetic button.

Motifs on the fabric are positioned symmetrically. Bag has a full leather base for durability and easy upkeep. Bag measures L 18 3/4" x H 15" x W 7 1/2". Really spacious,.. fits everything easily.


  1. Aida,...thanks. Banyak lagi kena buat...tak tau nak start kat mane.

  2. Hi Hanim, was at MakcikKatin's place noticed your callsign and busybody over.
    Nice bag. Love the styling and colours.
    You have good taste!
    Wishing you the very best of the Rabbit year, have a pleasant holiday and keep a song in your heart.

  3. fabric design cantik la :) i like the pattern la k.nim :)

  4. Hi Kak, Very niceee. Taknak jual ke

  5. Salam Sharifah,...thanks.

    Salam Huda,..Beg ni my daugther punya.

  6. HI Hanim,

    Do u take orders for this bag? How much is it?
    Pls do let me know. TQ>