Wednesday, December 8

Colors of Life

I was on an assignment last month that kept me really busy and excited. I was requested to design a whole collection of bags for a fashion show. Designing with the material given to me was quite a challenge, but the outcome make me smile.

These are the material that I was working with. The colors represent the colors of nature. Green :- Forest Blue :- Ocean and Sky Orange:- Sun

No. 1: This is the first bag that I made as an ice breaker :- getting to know the color, feeling the texture and working on the combination of the 4 colors.This design is simple and modern as the colors are already strong.

Handle and sling strap are of black leather and hardwares are of antique brass.

N0. 2. For the 2nd design, I did some embroidery of traditional batik motif on the orange fabric. Colors of the embroidery thread are the same with the theme colors. Took me quite a while to complete it. Omar likes it so much, mm.... it was worth my effort.

I decided to make this bag a soft floppy tote to reflect warmth. The brown leather trimming helps to hold the structure of the bag. This bag have 2 handle; shoulder strap and a long sling strap.

A closer look at the embroidery. French knots made up little Bunga Tanjung scattered all over among a bouquet of Melor Cina.

No. 3. The 3rd design is a patchwork hobo. It was interesting to
make this bag, got me working on color and proportion. I used some brown on this bag to tone down the strong colors. On this bag I got to used my new Brother machine for the over stitching on the patches.

The strap is made of a combination of cotton strap and leather. Something new in my design.

N0. 4. The 4th design is a simple bucket shape but with a sophisticated fabric patchwork. The patchwork was design with the landscape lines in mind. The black base represent the earth, green - forest, blue - sky/sea, orange - the sunlight.

Close up on the handle, rolled black suede with detail stitching.

This bag comes also with a detachable sling strap. I like the look of the strap together, it gives that glamour and luxury appeal.

No. 5. This bag is simple and practical. It is suitable for shopping. The lining close up with a draw string and can be pull up to create extra space for emergency. Handles sewn on to the lining can hold up additional height.

All 5 bags together. I am happy and satisfied with the outcome of my effort.


  1. Salam Pn Hanim

    nk tanye fashion show ape?? kat mane??

    -fza (x-shrdc)

  2. wow.... so unique collection u made k.anim

    keep it up... :)

  3. Fyza,.... fashion tu kat Brazil.

    Thanks Sharifah.

  4. Ohhhh hanim, wow! That's all i can say

  5. cantiknyer embroidery tu.. suker.... :D

  6. hi k.hanim,

    love all ur artworks esp the bags!

    btw do u sell them?? i love the 3rd design so much!