Monday, December 6

N. Campbell

Introducing N. Campbell.

Noraini came back from England and brought this beautiful Laura Ashley, which she then passed to me. I made it into this bag so that she can take it back home to England, last 1st December.

I made this bag conveniently big for her travel.

N. Campbell comes with 2 strap :- Short shoulder strap and a long sling strap.

With this bag, I used the spring round loop. Both straps are detachable, one can choose to wear them anyhow.

Noraini, I hope you enjoy this bag and see you soon!


  1. Oh my word!! One word - GORGEOUS! I have officially fallen in love with your creation.

  2. as usual, yr creation is always superb !! lurve it

  3. Dear Fely n Azie, thanks..., the material itself is already beautiful, I merely did half the job.

  4. speechless.
    beautiful and stylish, yet very practical :)

  5. as usual mak onem...rasa nak menangis! haha