Monday, February 22

Wedding Gifts

On February 14th, I went to my friend, Jun, wedding reception for her two elder sons. It was a simple yet lovely ceremony, at the new Naza hotel , Tangjung Bungah. I went with my whole family,-- managed to persuade Omar to come along.

After making the Yasin covers for Alin, gave me the idea how to present my gifts for wedding couples. I used the same velvet material for the gifts.

A lovely book of guidance, befitting a new couple starting a new chapter of life together. I made a beautiful book cover of embroidered velvet with organza ribbon and tassel.

The pink wrapped book is put inside a dark green box. The contrast is lovely.
The dark green wrapped book is put inside a pink box.

I make this arrangement purposely so that which ever they choose to be theirs, they will still get both colors to enjoy.

The book is suitable for bedside reading or for the coffee table. The box is multi-purpose. My hope is that, they will enjoy and benefit from my gifts.


  1. Dua-dua cantik!
    Geram tengok box tu. Kalau dapat kak Yati, habis la.
    Kak Hanim, you're very talented! :)

  2. Terima Kasih, shukur Alhamdulillah. Yati pun talented juga, a good story teller too.

  3. Thanks Aida. Moknem belum lagi belikan kain untuk Aida. Berkenan tak?

  4. they both look absolutely lovely and what a wonderful wedding gift. i'm sure they will thrilled to receive them. u did a great generous work :)

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