Thursday, March 4

Indian Cotton

I'm taking a break from bag making this week,....I'm going to make some tops and dresses for me and the girls.
Till now,.. I still cut out and save images that inspires from all sources. I will then paste them in a scrap book or on my mood board, so that I can view them at any time conveniently.

I've got labels like LV, Tracy Reese, Hugo Boss, Peter Lim, Escada on this mood board. I like to pick up the lovely details and apply them on my own creation.The decorative details such as pin-tucks, applique and embroidery are very interesting and they could easily be applied on.

Recently I acquired a few pieces of lovely Indian Cotton. Alin, took us to this home boutique in PJ and ohh.... wow what a collection there is before my eyes. Every pieces are unique and beautiful and they cover the walls and floor. We spend hours to choose,.. luckily there are 4 of us to discuss and vote on which to take home. These pieces may not be suitable for the ideas on the mood board but I like to share them with you,...anyway.

Lovely Indian motifs in vibrant colors on bronze background

Rather simple modern floral motif in a dreamy subtle color combination. Pastel turquoise with brown outlines on off-white background.

Instinctively Indian floral motifs and colors on bright azure blue.

Clashes of strong colors of Indian motifs on ambiguous background.

Sparsely spaced bright print on fresh light green, with interval weave of metallic silver thread

Each piece comes in 4 meters,....enough to share among us,... me and the girls.


  1. all these kain mesti tgk kat tmpt kwn ibu tuh kan? hehehhe