Saturday, January 16

Surah Yasin Covers

Alin requested a set of Surah Yasin covers for her khenduri activities. She also requested the color , An opportunity for me go shopping,...yeah. I came across these 2 beautiful material. Bought myself a meter each, went home and start to work on them and I came out with these.

This first choice of material is velvet piece embroidered with flowy leaves and floral motif. I then decorated it with velvet ribbon with a tassle at the end. This will act as a marking tool, for the pages.

It took quite a while for me to figure out how to do this considering the thickness of the material. Honestly, I would like to avoid unnecessary bumps at the corners and foldings, so I decided to use a thinner material for the lining inside.

This is the second material. Pleasant combination of green and mustard stripes.

I hope I can get some ready for Alin. She need 30 pieces for a khenduri, she planned at the end of January. InsyaAllah.


  1. It is it and I am sure my friends will love it. By the way a few friends of Anis love your bag (the one Anis is using). Can you make for them, they are willing to buy..price i will tell you over the phone. Thank you so much.

  2. Kak Hanim,
    Haslina here. I was wondering... how I can go about ordering a bag from you?

  3. Dear Haslina,
    You can e-mail me, also depends on availability.

  4. Kak Hanim,
    cantik cover yassin tu. :)
    Thanks sebab singgah blog Yati ya!

  5. Salam akak, boleh order lagi tak dari akak cover Yassin nie? Kalau boleh, email me