Wednesday, January 13


On the last week of December, Alia's friend,... Ayu came for a visit. She was carrying an interesting looking handbag. Caught my attention,... must make one,... but with a Brown Garden twist. After much thought, research and some sketches I came out with this design,.... thus I name it Ayu.

A big spacious bag measuring :
L 18" x H 10 1/2" x W 5"

Ayu can be worn over the arm


over the shoulder.

The leather trimmings and hardwares are very interesting and creatively used in the whole ensemble.
It was quite a job but I was happy with the results

I really enjoy the making of Ayu and I want to share it with you.

First I work on some sketches and figure out the best proportion in terms of length, width and height.

After I was satisfy with the proportion, I prepare the paper patterns

I was still in the mood of patchwork, so I decided to use all my remnants from the previous projects. No rules here, both warm and cold colors are patched together but I am still careful with the balance and distribution of colors.

I prepared the patchwork first. There's 3 different combination of colors.

Here I am tracing the patterns onto the leather.

Cutting was done with a sharp knife, along the traced markings.

All cut leather trimmings are prepared for stitching.
Ends of strap to be skived to avoid lumps and difficulties when sewing.

Straps are stitched with my faithful old machine. (Love it so much)

All required straps edges are stiched.
All together there are 33 straps long and short
The sling strap is the longest - 62" long.

A big piece of leather for the base.

Here I'm inking the raw edges for better finishing.

Preparing the leather trimmings and the hardwares for stitching.

Strap holders are riveted in position.

Straps sewn in position

Both sides of the bag are not the same. It was a bit messy sewing and unpicking, but I had fun. This color combination is for Alia.

Sewing the sides of the bag together.


Riveting the side strap in position

There are parts the can not fit on the machine, so these are to be sewn by hand.

Handles strap are done. Here I'm fixing it to the strap holder and buckle.

Ayu bag for Alia. Alia's color combination have a little dash of red.

This Ayu is the warmest,...with lots of red all over

This one is mine. This the first Ayu bag. It has all my favourite swatches.

Here I present all three Ayu that I have completed.
All three are similar but they are not the same.

Thanks Ayu.


  1. I was wondering if I can have this bag? If so how much it will cost me?

  2. nenek, so nice! hee when ira punye nak siap, name it ira taw! or gossip girl, hehhehehe! cant wait t see mine, my birthday is coming very soon!

  3. Hi Ira, right now I'm already thinking of a design for you. Sure why not, I'll name it after you.

  4. Hi Niza,.. pls give me your e-mail address. I'll sent the necessary info.

  5. aha, yeay yeay yeay!! tak sabar nyee :)

  6. What some details......Hanim. To me it is just like "tikus tengok besi".... :)

    Lovely... simply lovely!

  7. Hi Hanim, the email address is

    Reply me ASAP ya~~

  8. hi hanim, love yr work. Was wondering if you sell the straps seperately.

  9. Sassylady, thank you. At the moment I don't do straps only, wish to do some in the near future.

  10. wow. what an amazing project. the details are amazing. i'm inspired to make bags of my own too. double thumbs up!

  11. Salam, puan ada buat kursus tak for that superb bag.. sangat cantik...if ada info on that pse email me at TQVM

  12. moknem. i made friends with the Lollipop, Sunway Pyramid s outlet manager. forwarded your blog to her. she s impressed with the bag i worn. the name is marian.
    the pic trailer is superb. bole jual nih. heheh. come over laa. byk stok gossip nak share nih.
    love AYU. smart gile. how much? bet the waiting list dah 2 pages dah kan.

  13. Salam Hanim...this is such a beautiful bag....Azie informed us that you might be able to hold session for us in KL.... ape ape I minta Azie liase with you yah :)


  14. hello, I found your blog through many links and saw your process of making this bag. actually I would like to ask you where do you buy your leather? my husband hobby is making 'parang' and would like to have these parang to be kept in a pouch (well, custom-made pouch, which he would like to produce himself) from leather but we couldn't find any place that could sell us just one piece of leather... do you know of any supplier that could sell 1 pc of leather?

    ~ amy