Thursday, July 30

Favourite Fav

Hi,... it's been awhile since I last post. Well,.. I've been busy making more handbags. This time I'm reproducing my favourite design,...thus I call it Fav. There was a request from a friend, Siti ,.so I made Fav in 4 colors. Material are similar to my past products. In Penang,.. sources are limited and have not the time to hunt. Nevertheless.... I,m still satisfied with the results.

This particular bag I made with comments from Omar. He propose that a few leather trimmings on the bag would make it be more attractive . Bag was made with brown canvas that have sheen at a certain angle. Shoulder strap and trimmings are of dark coffee leather. Hardwares are brass.
Bag closes with a full length zipper. Bag measures 17" B x 12" H x 3" W. It's quite slim compare to my other designs.

Well this is my favourite of all. The color is versatile, design and size is just perfect to snuggle under one's arm. Bag measures 13" B x 11" H x 5 1/2" W. Leather shoulder strap and trimmings are dark coffee color. Hardwares are brass.

A unique color combination of azure and dark brown canvas.

Biege on dark blue canvas.

Rich velvety fabric of muted hues. Fabric design and colors suggest bohemian style.

Close up an the shoulder strap. A unique double layering of leather strap. Machine and hand stitched to get the effect required. Strap is 23 mm in witdh.

A whole 2 week production in view. Gonna take a break from bag,... getting into apparrels making for my 3 girls Alia, Jasmine, Layla and grand neices, Aj and Arisya.


  1. Hanimmmmmmmm, most fav... paisley design! How I wish can make something beautiful like those.... love all. Must learn from you one day! Any chance!

  2. moknem...i punya ada tak ????i love yr fav...brown (2nd)

  3. Dear Diah ,...sure,.. why not? Bila one day I'm in K.L. we can meet up. I'm sure you can learn it, in a jiffy.

    Aida,... seriouske nak yang brown tu.? Nanti Moknem buat lagi satu. Leather brown tu ada lagi.

  4. ya...very serious...thanks alot

  5. k.hanim, interested to have one. can i order..?

  6. Dear dalla,... appreciate your interest. At the moment I just make a collection, respond to random request. Purchasing base on first come first served.For further inquiries, pls e-mail me.

  7. salam, i really interested with all ur collections... if i would like to order the brown handbag tu (2nd from top) boleh ke?
    Can u email me....

  8. luv, luv, luv everyone of them esp the azure n dark brown canvas...such an eye candy omg!