Saturday, August 1

Fresh green

A group of us, mothers from the kid's school, pool in for a gift, for a friend who is going to perform the umrah. Green is the receiver's favourite color, so I put together this gift.

Since she's going with her husband, we provide for both. A piece of telekung for her and a piece of kain pelekat for him

I wanted to create a gift that will last, so I decided to make a box that she can use after the content is taken out.
Box lid is clad with mint green paisley printed canvas. Box bottom is clad with lime green textile suede. Box measures 30 cm x 23 cm x 8 cm.

Gift viewed from all angle.
I want that all angle look interesting and attractive. Here, I use fresh potted plants. They help to add freshness and crisp to the ensemble.


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