Wednesday, July 15


This lovely bag is fully hand embroidered. The paisley motif was done in off-white, red and a touch of purple .
Embroideries here mainly are running stitches and french knots.
Bag measures 15" x 9" x 2 1/2". Magnetic closure with a tied bow.
Grey brown leather shoulder strap with a drop of 9"
Bag design is versatile. I wear it with anything, anywhere.

Another version of the same design. Also hand embroidered with paisley motif. Here I used white thread,.... sewn into candle wick stitches.
For the shoulder strap,... I used black suede leather. Bag closes with a magnetic black leather strap.

This version is simple and quaint. Bag was done with checked canvas. Bag closes with a magnetic clasp and a mint green cotton tied bow. The shoulder strap is of dark brown suede leather.

This version is neat and smart. Bag was done with off white canvas. Bag closes with a broad magnetic leather strap. Hardware are brass and antique

Last,... but not least is this one,.... made out of soft pink silk 'tenun pahang'. I was commissioned to make it for a Pahang royalty. It's quite a humble product for such occasion, but still I was proud of it.
For this bag, I seek the help of a friend for the wooden handle. It was crafted out of hard 'cengal' wood. I used tan suede leather for the trimmings and antique brass hardware. Closure is magnetic clasp with light brown/ soft pink tied bow.


  1. These bags are AWESOME!!! I would love to network with you and add one another as followers:) Let me know! Have a lovely day!

  2. Thanks, would love that too. Pls,... you are most welcome. You have a lovely day too.

  3. Hanim dear.... really stunning, and I love most the offwhite... great works!

  4. Diah,.. thanks. Just love making those bags.

  5. Yang Hobo (first photo) tu, ada tak rasa-rasa macam nak bagi anak saudara yang kat shah alam.....matching dengan jubah2 i kot...

  6. salam kak anim.. beg ni bukan jek cantik.. tapi lain dr yg lain la.. :) suke sgt tgk beg akak nih.

    kain2 akak guna pon very special.. :)

  7. Lin,.. nanti moknem buat utk Lin. Ade friend request so I'll make one for you.

    Sharifah,... well come back! Thanks ,.. kain that I use are all upholstery material. Taklah special sgt....:)

  8. rasa-rasa i pun anak sedara yg tinggal kat shah alam :)

  9. i pulak anak sedara dari Banting......