Monday, February 21

Harry ...3 new colors

After completing the first Harry,..I was inspired to make 3 more colors,...colors from the same charm-pack.

I like this olive green so much, matching it with other colors to get the effect that I want was difficult, but the end result is satisfying.

Red Harry.

Blue Harry.

Leather trimming at press hook for easy handling.

Leather tab trim for zip.

Ample space for cards and notes.


  1. Aida,...Chah dah booked yg green tu.

  2. Thanks Rozita... am making 3 more colors.

  3. Hi Hanim,

    Will u make some more of these Harry wallets/bags and take orders. How much are they?

  4. Salam Anita, yes I am making more wallets and bags. At the moment I do not take orders, I am preparing a collection for June, in Shah Alam.

  5. mak onem...nak booking jugak bolee?... x kisahlah kalau dah masuk Harry yg ke berapa pon, sggup tggu!..TQ!..hahahehe ; )