Sunday, June 6


Jam wanted a new bag from me, and I already have a design in mind for her. She gave me a reason to work on something that I've been wanting to make. It's a classic messenger bag,..evergreen design I would say. And so this design is officially named 'Jam'.

Jam and I chose this classic rose print. It was difficult to pick one out of those hundreds of beautiful fabric but we agreed with this one. This classic vintage cut is in my interest at the moment and I am happy on how the print and the design help me to achieved my goal.

Making the patterns was not a difficult task but preparing the fabric and stitching was tough. I spent a whole week on this one. The patterns need some modification and hopefully the next Jam will be smooth sailing.

Jam have 3 closure device,..twist turn nob in the middle and magnetic clasp on each side which are attached to the buckle strap.
All leather trimmings are dark coffee and hardwares are antique.

The side panels are gathered and riveted. A piece of leather strap helps to hold it together.

Bag measures 11 1/2 " L, 5 1/2" W, 9 1/2" H.
Very spacious inside with the necessary pockets and compartments.

Jam have a long sling strap that can also be worn cross-body and also a simple hand handle on the top.

I hope my sister, Jam will like it.


  1. aduhai......bertuahnya auntie Jam!..hehehe
    cantik la makonem!....

  2. Thanks Fida. Memang cantik seperti yang empunya.

  3. lawa2... brp harga hanim jual ni?

  4. this can fit my netbook kan moknem? ada installment plan tak? heh.

  5. Darling Nurul,..this size mungkin kecil sikit. Plan installment boleh dibawa berbincang.

  6. lovely..I just love rose pattern. where do u get yr hardwares like the twist turn lock?

  7. wow cantiknya.... buat untuk Auntie aje ke?

  8. salam, suka tgk beg2 ni, klu nk beli mcm na kak..?