Tuesday, March 26

Myself, my own.

My own sandal, designed from a very old last from way back when I was a shoe designer.

Made of faux leather with genuine kid skin lining.

Looks good and really comfy. Yes!

Monday, June 27

Red Songket.

I really get excited when once in a while I get to do exclusive product. This time I get to make gift boxes out of genuine songket. These are for a friend of Red Songket, a gift shop in Penang.

A piece of 'samping' can clad 2 big boxes. Cutting the songket is tricky as I want to use most the gold thread woven area.

Red Songket.

Pale Yellow Songket.

White Songket.

White Songket.

Sunday, June 26


Recently Omar got me an iPad for my internet activities, which inspire me to make a big bag. With this bag I can make room for my iPad and many other things.

For this design I use a pale grey full grain leather for the handles and trimmings. Chah comes with inter changeable handles. Bag closes with a magnetic button.

Hand handle is made of round rolled leather. Bag measures L 45cm x H 33 cm x W 13 cm.

This is the first bag done, I still need to improve the dimension and finishings.

Tuesday, June 14

Oooooo...matching notebooks!!!

I always keep a handy notebook in the bag. Why not create matching notebooks?!!
Make them in 2 sizes, - A 5 - 75 pages, A 6 - 50 pages
Notebooks are refillable.
Closure - leather strap with magnetic button.

These are matching to Rohani, Spring purple flowers.

Harry to match.

I also made matching wallets to match the Rohani bags. Instead of patching different fabric, I cut and patched the same fabric. I like the effect of the shadow, texture and stitching lines.

It is fun to have the ability to make these, and the fact that my sisters like them so much.

Friday, June 10

Yellow and Brown.

In between making bags I make time to have some Yasin covers done. This time I pick up this beautiful fabric in yellow and brown.

Such lovely gifts to receive.


This bag is for my sister,...Rohani. She gave me this black fabric to make bags. I finally decided on this design. This design is feminine, sweet and spacious.

Black with roses print.

Shoulder straps and flap are of dark brown leather. Flap closes with hidden magnet.

Oriental white blossom print.

Oriental pink/red blossom print.

Spring purple flowers.